I’ve worked in the software development field for many years now and, during that time, have been involved with many exciting and varied projects. I’ve always been passionate about technology and this comes across in everything I do. I’m interested in the wider business applications of the software I work with, helping to fully unlock the potential of these systems and the people that work with them.

I’ve been working professionally as a software developer for over 7 years but I’ve been writing code for a lot longer. I’ve worked with a number of different languages including PHP, JavaScript, Java, C++, Go, and Python. I’ve worked in many different areas including web, security, e-commerce, geospatial mapping, search, finance, publishing, training, and the property sector.

Over the last few years, I’ve consulted with organisations of all sizes from startups to international businesses. Some of my consultancy services have included security measures for the web, cloud based infrastructure, domain driven design, micro services and software development trends and how to increase productivity and stay competitive in an ever changing market.

Work History

  • TheHouseShop.com – CTO

    October 2017 – Present
    I’ve just been appointed CTO for TheHouseShop, an exciting startup that is already making huge waves within the property sector. I oversee all of the business’s technology and ensure that we remain cutting edge and continue to meet the demands of such a rapidly growing enterprise.

  • World First – Contract Senior PHP Developer

    December 2016 – October 2017

    I contracted at World First, an FCA regulated financial services company moving billions of pounds worth of transactions annually. World First provides foreign exchange services internationally and has offices across the globe.

    I worked closely with their Operations and Finance teams working on several different projects as part of their continuous improvement and financial reporting initiatives.

  • Immediate Media Company – Contract Senior PHP Developer

    June 2016 – December 2016

    I was a contractor for Immediate Media Company during the latter half of 2016. Immediate Media is a digital and print publisher that owns several well-known UK brands such as The Radio Times, Bike Radar and Gardeners’ World. I worked within three different multi-disciplinary Agile squads across the business during my time at Immediate Media, implementing features including an OpenID Connect client, enhancements to their build and CI processes, optimisations to their core content publishing platform and security enhancements in some of their key systems.

  • TheHouseShop.com – Freelance

    June 2014 – February 2016

    I provided development and consultancy services to TheHouseShop between 2014 and 2016. I lead a project to develop a property portal for them. The project was a resounding success and TheHouseShop has subsequently gone on to secure millions in funding and is constantly growing their business with the strong technical foundations that I helped put in place for them.

  • ALV Systems – Director

    June 2014 – present

    ALV Systems is my own company from which I provide development and consultancy services. I’ve most recently been contracting but have also worked on many exciting projects including a REST API for an exciting new mobile app, working on an e-commerce site for a well known UK food producer and distributor, an e-commerce website for a startup that sells subscription gift boxes and an entire property portal website and CRM system.

  • Liberty Tech – Developer

    January 2012 – June 2014

    I was one of Liberty Tech’s lead developers for two and a half years, working on many exciting projects such as What3Words; An advanced mapping system encompassing the entire planet, several Samsung partner websites, a Samsung internal staff training portal website, and a large well known e-commerce site generating tens of millions of pounds in sales annually.

  • ALV Electronics – Director

    2009 – 2011

    I set up and ran my own electronics e-commerce business in 2009 selling electronic devices. I created a bespoke e-commerce platform in PHP as well as managing the day-to-day operations of the business. I developed a stock control system and a packaging and labelling desktop application to aid in the running and automation of the business. I learnt a lot about the real world implications of the technology I was creating from a business point of view especially in the context of sales and marketing. I managed to create a Youtube product video with over 300,000 views and worked with Google ad services, analytics and SEO.